We understand trauma can happen as a result of a shock, fragmentation, broken connections & cumulative stress, when a system is so overwhelmed that it cannot bounce back to its original strength, the question arises as to whether organizations can be traumatized as well as people. 

Over time we have come to understand that while organizations do not have physical bodies, given that our workplaces are also social systems, they do respond to overwhelming life events with clearly identifiable symptoms. Traumatic events tend to be highly polarizing & traumatized organizations, including family businesses, may experience a kind of stasis, rigidity & regression, as though stuck somewhere in space & time, confusion, breakdown in trust & other difficulties in communication, lack of flow between their stated mission & the outside world as well as a loss of confidence & productivity. While we understand that recognizing systemic approaches to understanding trauma in the workplace is not an everyday topic, the fact remains that this is a subject of great importance to all of us who are human & also social beings. 

Our innovative & interactive blend of systemic constellations, together with multi-modal, cross cultural, occasionally non-verbal, systemically oriented trauma work is offered with a recognition that we are rapidly moving into a future that is radically different from our remembered past, & that it is also true that unresolved issues from our historical & collective traumas can & do manifest within our working lives & even profoundly shape our choices of profession. How we meet such challenges can present a profound opportunity for both personal & societal transformation. 

Anngwyn St. Just Ph.D. holds advanced degrees from the Western Institute for Social Research & the University of California at Berkeley & is currently the Director of the Arizona Center for Social Trauma. 

Dr. med. Karl-Heinz Rauscher studied medicine in Munich & Yale University specializing in Internal Medicine & had further educations in psychosomatic medicine & psychotherapie including Psychodrama. Dr. Rauscher works with Systemic Constellation Work (SCW) in Bavaria near Munich.

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